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Changing the world of an individual

Step out of your comfort zone and care - make a difference for those in need!

In order to sustainably fulfil the Trust's purpose, we rely on donations from natural persons or legal entities.

House of Encouragement is a tax-exempt trust, registered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich and in the lists of tax-exempt organisations in all cantons. Donors automatically receive a donation receipt at the beginning of each year for the attention of the tax authorities.

These donations are primarily used for the day care centre Lesedi-Potlana. 

Of utmost importance is certainly the continuous financial support to secure and continue what has been built up since 2007. From the donations in general, we finance the operations of the centre and are able to address the most pressing problems on site and provide spontaneous help.

The ongoing operational expenses are mainly the costs for food, compensation for daily child care, psychological and medical examinations and support, creative projects, help for the foster mothers as well as building maintenance.

As far as it is financially viable, we enable the children to go on an excursion once a year, e.g. to the zoo or to an outdoor swimming pool. We are grateful for project-related donations to this effect.

Your financial commitment in terms of sponsorship contributes to a life-changing experience for a single orphan, for a group of children (perhaps from the same family) or for all the orphans we support at the Lesedi-Potlana Centre.

To avoid unequal treatment of the children, we do not assign individual orphans to donors. The help needed varies slightly for each child, which also requires different financial resources. Your help is therefore not restricted to a single child, but is used for an orphan in a particular situation as well as for all children who are basically in need.

The cost per child and month in the day care centre is approximately CHF 75.-- to CHF 85.-- (annual donation CHF 900.-- to 1020.--), depending on the current exchange rate. Please note "Patenschaft".

These donations are used for the individual, intellectual furtherance of individual children from our centre as well as for vocational training for young people from the township.

The earmarked donations should be paid in with an appropriate note, as they are managed in separate funds and are
used in a targeted manner.

Together with the school headmasters, we identify children who are willing and able to learn and whom we would like to support in high school and after graduation. By unleashing their potential and providing them with a systematic education in various directions or, if necessary, university studies, we can open up a future for these children that would otherwise be out of reach for them.

These donations are tied to a specific child, whose development we will keep you informed about. For more information, please contact us.

The cost varies depending on the child's educational background and goals. You can finance an individual opportunity for a child during a defined period of time.

Alternatively, you can pay a monthly contribution as sponsorship with the note "intellectual advancement" or "vocational training".

Due to the expensive transport costs and high customs duties, it is unfortunately difficult to collect clothes or other gifts in kind, such as handicraft materials, household equipment, etc. from Switzerland. For further information, please contact Walter Bosshard by email.


Bank details

Stiftung House of Encouragement

Bürgstrasse 50

8608 Bubikon


Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zurich

IBAN: CH85 0070 0115 5001 9609 5

Bank clearing: 700



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