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Individual, intellectual furtherance

Purposeful furtherance

For many years, we have received a substantial, dedicated donation annually for individual, intellectual support from the Rosemarie Mettler - Foundation.

This has allowed us, in cooperation with the Lesedi-Potlana primary school, to offer select children better training opportunities in various public schools - primarily but not exclusively girls with intellectual talents and great eagerness to learn, as of their 7th school year. Their future plans and interests are quite diverse, so that we support various further education paths after leaving school.

Specific goals that have been achieved by young people include primary school teacher (university degree), early childhood educator (national diploma), paramedic (diploma). There are currently several children in public schools and at university and we hope we can help many more to have a future they can otherwise only dream of. 

It goes without saying that the support of all children is important to us. We generally support the children in the centre in their school development, especially helping those who struggle selectively or in general.

Vocational training is a separately funded project which, in addition to school leavers from our centre, is also open to other young people from the township.

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