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We want to be "a voice for the voiceless".

We can't change the world, but the world of an individual we can!

We want 

...children to realise that their circumstances (poverty, parents lost, no perspective) do not define who they are as a human beings. encourage the children with "help for self-help" and support them in such a way that their potential is fully developed. help young people take responsibility for their own lives and become positive contributors to an improvement and development in quality of life for the community in the poorest areas.


In the underprivileged society of the township Soshanguve there is very often no one to stand up for the orphans. 

The "foster mothers" are often overwhelmed and in great need of support themselves. Most of the time, the legal guardians give their protégés love and a roof over their heads, but they have only little opportunity to further the children and prepare them for an independent life.


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