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Day Care Center

Our engagement

We give the children a voice they do not have themselves and help them to their rights in the difficult situation.

In addition, we encourage them to develop goals and visions that give them a perspective and support the development of their personality.

The construction and operation of day care centres in the township of Soshanguve alleviates the need of these children. As a Swiss Trust, we have gained great acceptance among the local authorities and the surrounding population since 2007.

At the beginning, we built a centre for up to 100 children in cooperation with an American and a South African foundation. The comprehensive, sustainability-oriented programme developed at that time is still considered a model today and has impacted the children and the local community.

In 2011, we were able to open our own Lesedi-Potlana care centre in Block W, Soshanguve. With a dedicated and proficient team, we care for an average of 70-80 children, sharing attention and individual affection and giving them a second home. We provide healthy nutrition after school and organise medical check-ups as well as psychological care where needed. Depending on individual circumstances, we organise further help in various areas of life.

The care-givers help with schoolwork, supported by a retired teacher and a University student. In small projects, the children learn why personal commitment is worthwhile and how they can take on personal responsibility. A priority in our work with the children is the development of social skills and the strengthening of their self-confidence and belief in their future.

Many handcraft and creative projects inspire the talented children. We work with a wide variety of materials and often combine the project work with a practical theme. The older learners discuss challenges as teenagers and current social problems, as well as important values in life. All children enthusiastically participate in making music, singing and dancing and enjoying fun times and games.  

We provide regular help to the legal guardians, who most of the time are in great need themselves, by giving them food parcels or, for example, woollen blankets, hygiene articles and school uniforms. The carers visit the foster mothers regularly and assist them with advice and support.


Important goal from the start

From the very beginning, we have pursued the goal of laying a good trust for sustainable care and support for orphans in Soshanguve. Long-term continuity can only be ensured with a dedicated team that acts out of vocation and conviction. 

Through the care of the orphans from the "help for self-help" approach, we have also specifically selected, trained and built up the employees in the centre. Today, we have a proficient and motivated team that considers the care of the orphans as their own project and personal responsibility.

Currently, there are six supervisors, including the head of the centre, who are responsible for an average of around 70 children. In addition, there is a part-time worker as a kitchen helper. The homework assistance for the little ones is reinforced by a retired teacher who works with the children twice a week. The older learners receive additional math lessons from a specially assigned student.


Lesedi-Potlana Centre

Our highly proficient team of supervisors ensures that the programme in the centre offers a lot of variety for the children. It includes some recurring subjects such as the daily assignment help, life training and discussion groups.

In addition, there are various activities - partly divided into age or interest groups - such as creative projects, sports and games, music, singing and dancing.

The carers pay special attention to the individual social competence of the children and encourage mutual acceptance, tolerance and support.

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