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Four times twins

The two pairs of 12-year-old twinbrothers, Gontse and Tshiamo and Bongani and Siyabongan, are each very different in character and behavior. They are not in the same school class, and it also seems that they have come to terms with the loss of their parents in different ways. While one brother is still rather quiet and reserved, the other shows himself very lively and communicative, such as Thisamo, who is one of our dancers and jokers.

We reported about the siblings Sphiwe and Simphiwe in the news "Arrived, accepted, at home". Vivian and Vanessa are in the 8th and 9th grade. They live with their aunt, who is a twin sister to their late mother. They have seven other siblings who all live in the same place now. Of these, Tshiamo (13) and Bridgett (9) are also with us at the center. The aunt is married and has six children of her own. She also often looks after her three grandchildren. This makes for a very large family that has to share space. Fortunately, some of her adult children have already left home, which made accommodating her sister's children more feasible. Still, it is a challenge to put a roof over the heads of fourteen people. During several years, the husband has been building a stone house. It is not yet finished, but part of the family can now live there, and the rest continue to stay at the Shack. Unfortunately, the husband currently no longer has a steady job. This is slowing down the completion of the house and pushing them to the limit financially. We don't know how these people do it, but somehow, they get by every month.

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