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Thanks to your support, we have been able to operate the Lesedi-Potlana Day Care Centre for orphans in the township Soshanguve for many years now. We are happy to pass on to you 1:1 the thanks and appreciation of the beneficiaries of our joint help.


I am grateful to have the opportunity to express how much I appreciate the opportunity to belong to this family. The House of Encouragement centre has become a real home for me and many who have lost hope after the loss of our parents. Our lives have changed since we started visiting the centre. We experience people who treat us like their own children and encourage us. They share their experience with us and teach us to do good in life.


At the centre I have learnt a lot about life. How it can sometimes be unfair and yet give us opportunities to open future doors. House of Encouragement helps me to focus on my dreams and believe in my future. We are loved and respected more than friends can do. I am personally supported and I am very happy that so many children are allowed to be here and taken off the streets.

On behalf of the 48 legal guardians of the orphans two representative appreciations:


Mrs. Catherine Chabalala

House of Encouragement means home for our children. A home where burdens are made lighter and happiness and peace is indeed shared. What I get from this Home is love, Spiritual upliftment and courage to continue to love as a parent to my grandchildren. I am thankful for the wonderful team {caregivers] that has become more than friends including Pa Walter and Ma Estelle. Indeed thank you for being kind, thoughtful and considerate.

Mrs Susanah Tisane

„Legae“ means home in Sesotho, one of the 11 South African official languages. We call House of Encouragement family because it is a home for a family indeed. My grandchildren find hope, love and more at the „Family“. It is more than just feeding our children but spiritually and emotionally uplifting them. Whatever challenges we have as guardians, we know where to run too. My grand child can read and write of the extra help they get after school from the team at Family. „Re ya leboga“ means „thank you“ to our donors and caregivers. You are keeping our children from bad influence

Thoughts from our retired teacher

Mrs. Justina Mtshali

„In this center, I have found a place of learning, sharing and caring for each other, no matter who you are and where you come from. Without faithful sponsors, this would not be possible. Our children would not have a place to call home and I would not have a Family to learn from. I did not know that there are people who care about us outside the borders of our country. They make sure that we are safe, healthy and always learning, right here at home (the orphan care center Lesedi-Potlana). I am grateful to my brother and sister Estelle and her husband Walter. Thank you for everything. May God bless you and your sponsors in abundance.“

Headmaster of Lesedi-Potlana Primary School

Mr Elvis Ngomane

Extrant from the letter thanks to House of Encouragement in November :

„House of Encouragement has provided a place where the children have learnt to make right choices about their life styles, about friends and about themselves. It has boosted their self- esteem and made them understand their worth and identity. The programme at the center has yielded proven credible results. Relevance, empowerment and the love of God and fellow man are the key operative words for the work. Its impact is reflected in positive feedback we continue to receive from our community members and our orphaned learners who are part of this warm, lovely home. Through discussions and activities, young people have gained knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to chart a positive course for their lives. With the provision of counselling and comfort to our orphans as well as educational support after school House of Encouragement continues to be a beacon of hope in our school.“

Head of the local Community Policing Forum

Mr. Samuel Pule Matlala

"House of Encouragement has contributed so much to improving the situation in our community. For the first time, we have identified all the orphans at Lesedi- Potlana Primary School. We now have a safe place where children who have lost their beloved parents are cared for with much love. The legal representatives of the orphans are also supported. Our forum always receives very positive feedback about this. We thank them for this valuable work in our midst."

House of Encouragement


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