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10-year Jubillee


to all friends of the House of Encouragement Trust for their loyalty and support of the work for and with the orphans in the Lesedi-Potlana Care Centre.

What has happened over the past 10 years in the world, we cannot even try to list. Too many trouble spots and natural disasters followed each other worldwide. Therefore, we like to remember the positive events and try to preserve them. We have learned to live with and deal with challenges. The same is true for our work in the orphan care centre and the difficult situation of the underprivileged children in Soshanguve township. But we experience so much happiness and gratitude from the children every day that the positive outshines the negative. Our commitment for the orphans is as rewarding today as it was on the first day of our work.

As newcomers to charitable work, we were able to quickly gain a foothold and provide efficient help thanks to the cooperation with Acts2Change South Africa and Kerus Global Education USA. In 2011, we were able to put into operation the Lesedi-Potlana centre, built with the help of the Rotary Club of Zurich Oberland. Since then, we have not only prepared over 11000 meals per month, but have also ensured that the care program has been steadily developed. Today, a competent team cares for the children in all areas of life and provides individual help wherever necessary. A retired teacher teaches the lower school learners twice per week and a student helps the teenagers with math. This investment has already paid off in a significant improvement in many of the children.

As an important part of the support we have taught the children that their circumstances do not define who they are as people. We encourage them to make the right decisions, to work hard at school, and to develop plans for the future. We are happy to accompany them in this process and support them wherever possible.

House of Encouragement


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